How Can Mortgage Lenders Expand into Multiple Markets Virtually

How Can Mortgage Lenders Expand into Multiple Markets Virtually?

DID YOU KNOW Google views your business as a local business? You will be assigned a radius wherever you register your Google My Business; this is your “local market.” For example, if you are physically located in Los Angeles, how do you get calls from Newport Beach or La Jolla borrowers?

Expand your mortgage business across the state or into a new state using virtual offices.

We locate the best locations for every market after doing research using tools to be seen by the preferred local audience.  

If you want to prove to Google that you do business, you will need a believable address that receives mail, phone calls, forwarding, conference rooms, etc.

For example, you would plan to: pursue an aggressive local SEO campaign that includes citation work with directories, some PPC to test your landing page, local search marketing, content marketing, guest posts, backlinking, on-page optimization work, and blogs.

After 30-days, you’ll start to see progress, but with a 6-12-month commitment, you’ll get into the Google Local 3-pack and receive all the FREE calls in your market.

No more buying leads!

Can I tell you a secret? (Lead brokers won’t like this)

When you buy leads from one of the many brokers of mortgage leads, they market the leads as being exclusive or high-quality, when in reality, they are shopped to other lenders; this is a problem because the leads cost $25-$50/each. When you call the customer, a few things generally happen:

  • You are the first caller to the lead, but after 3-4 other lenders call the lead, they forget about you.
  • You end up being number 3-5, and the customer has already chosen a lender to work with because they decided to apply with the first lender who called and asked for the application.
  • You call, and the client is offended because they’ve been bombarded with calls from mortgage lenders after entering their information on lead capture. Sometimes, they don’t even remember filling out the form, or they’ll pretend not to know why you are calling. This is the most annoying element of the lead business – you have to buy many leads to determine ROI or experiment with a host of different lead brokers until you find a reputable broker who sells quality leads that are happy to hear from a lender. Until that happens, your money is on the line.

The brokers don’t care when you stop buying the leads; there are thousands of mortgage lenders they will sell their leads to.

If you want to free yourself of depending on buying leads or paying for ads, every business should have a strategy to get its business websites’ pages on the first page of Google search results; then, you’ll get earned traffic.

Start pursuing Google 3-pack placements in all your target markets so that you get seen by anyone conducting a local search on desktop or mobile.

There is no way you can compete with national companies like Rocket Mortgage or Eagle Home Mortgage without becoming national in Google’s eyes. You can compete if instead of opening brick and mortar locations, obtain the license in that state, then get a virtual office in your preferred market, let’s say Phoenix, AZ – we research to find out who the market leader in that region is, then position your office to get into the 3-pack. You’ll start gaining market share from your main office in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

You can repeat this process for moving into the Las Vegas market and so forth; keep your expenses low but systematically expand across the United States or whatever regions you please. Every time you get your website’s pages into the Google 3-pack after registering your Google My Business account in the region or state you want to get leads in, you work your SEO and SEM plan and pick your targets, then go after them!

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