Lead Capture with Video

We install lead capture on your website or landing page, then build a custom lead generation platform that delivers leads on demand to your email.

Then we prepare a custom 200-word script that our model will record the script in HD against a professional background; we’ll compress the video down to be used on websites, landing pages, and any blog posts that we create for you.

Our company creates a 100% custom lead capture page using a self-hosted WordPress blog for you.

We then create a custom lead generation form for you.

  • This landing page/lead capture will only include text and graphics.
  • The plugin notifies you and delivers the lead via email whenever someone completes the form.
  • We provide response emails, including “Thank You” emails and drip campaign series.
  • We will place this lead capture page on your top 10 blog posts.

If you purchase the Google 3-Pak Foundations Kit, which includes three professionally written blog posts that we write and post for you, this lead capture page will complement the blog posts perfectly.

  1. We write and provide all the response emails for you, including the “Thank You” email and drip campaign series.
  2. After you complete a questionnaire about you and your business, we then write a 200-word script introducing your business, with highlights based on your answers to the questionnaire.
  3. We customize each high-quality professional video with your logo and text. Our spokeswoman will record your script, which will help your potential clients learn about your business and decide to contact you to move forward.


  • 1 Office Background
  • Professionally dressed female spokeswoman reading the script.
  • 200 words of written script
  • Professional studio sound/lighting
  • 1080 HD quality
  • Advanced Editing
  • Logo (please send)
  • Intro music
  • Overlay text – 3 phrases

You can request pictures to be used in the video for an additional fee.

You submit a short script, or we’ll help you write one.

We compress the video down for you and stick it on your lead capture pages!

You could hire us to create custom landing pages for each new product you launch; each will have a different script and custom content.

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