Video Production


We turn your blog posts into short conversational videos.  Use these videos to grow your Youtube channel and on your blog and social media. These are SEO optimized and professional.

By adding video to your marketing you’ll increase your engagement, read time, and rankings.

video production servicesDo you have a loan product or promotion you are rolling out for the next couple of months? Get ahead of it and send us whatever content you may already have, we’ll take this, have our writers dissect it, and write a script for a video. We run the idea and get approval from you, then we film, edit and export the HD video and provide you with an SEO optimized title, tags, and description to use when you upload your video. We deliver the video with a full report and your script, which is also your video transcript!


1 Video $400, you can order up to 8 at a time.



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