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business listings

We perform a comprehensive audit to discover what local citations and completed business listings that you may have existing. This is important to make sure all your company information is listed on all the directories online with the correct information.

We’ll find all the variations of your business name, address, phone number, email, website address, etc. then we deliver a report on which ones are harming you. We also show you which ones are correct and help you fix the incorrect citations.

We also have connections to the major aggregators that we can submit your listing to and will include your business in their group of high authority directories.

We submit you to the most popular traffic dense authority sites first, then we submit you to industry-specific directories, then we scrape the reviews of competitors to find new directories to post on. By having these citations, you are sending signals to Google that you are trustworthy and will increase your rankings in maps and the local 3-pack.

You also want to claim your free listings and control them before someone else does.

Complete Packages

Single audit  is $149 – you’ll get a report that you can keep that will show you correct and complete listings, incomplete listings and harmful listings.

  • Intro $297 – Full citation audit, 45 total citations, 30 local directory citations, 5 photos x3 photo sharing sites
  • Basic $397 – Full citation audit, 65 total citations, 30 local directory citations, 10 photos x3 photo sharing sites, 5 videos submitted to video sharing sites
  • Growth $698 – Full citation audit, 130 total citations, 50 local directory citations, 10 photos x5 photo sharing sites, 5 videos x 5 video sharing sites, 5 social media submission
  • Market Leader $898 – Full citation audit, 255 total citations, 90 local directory citations, 10 photos x10 photo sharing sites, 5 videos x 10 video sharing sites, 15 social media citations
  • Monthly Service $158/mo – Set it and forget it. 30 total citations, 10 local directory citations, 20 photo, video, or social citations with no duplicates. (You must order one of the packages above to get monthly service because we need to perform the detailed full citation audit to avoid giving you duplicates.
  • Cleanup of existing listings $597 – One of the biggest factors in getting bad results in local search is having incorrect and inconsistent citations.

This could happen for many reasons like:

  • You move and get a new address
  • You get a new phone number
  • You have variations of your name

The aggregators will pick up incorrect information about your business and display it/

This could paralyze your rankings.

Think of a citation as a vote of confidence, every “vote” helps you rank higher, if these votes are going to many different variations it doesn’t create the effect needed to boost your site, these must be corrected!

Call for a FREE Lite Local Listing Audit.

 What Are Business Listings?

Data backed, custom campaigns – no templates. We build them for your local market.

No two campaigns are alike.

If it doesn’t impact your rankings, we don’t recommend it.

You’ll get a transparent report of all the work performed. Everything we create for you is handed over complete with profile URLs, logins credentials etc. The audit we give you will show you what you have outstanding and we can map out a plan to dominate your local market and get you up into that coveted “snack pack”  that’s where you’ll get the clicks and subsequent inquiries.

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This is a classic link building strategy.

Since anyone can do plain directory submissions, we ad geo-tagged photos and videos along with citations and links from rich media sources.


We can create whiteboard style videos and slideshows with music, photos and text, we optimize these fully with geo-meta data, then submit these videos to the top video hosting services creating high authority links and citations.


Provide us 10 relevant and branded images, we’ll optimize and add the geo-meta data, then we submit these images to the top hosting sources, creating high authority links and citations.

Social Citations

Social media is becoming increasing more important, especially to Google. They are looking at signals from social to prove that you are trustworthy and legit.

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We create manual submissions to all the popular sites with your content, photos and rich media.

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