Keyword Rank Management Service

Keyword Rank Management Service

Planning a content marketing strategy within your overall SEO strategy has many factors to consider, namely who your competitors are and what your personal goals are. 

If you do not know what your website “money” keywords are, or if you aren’t ranking for any of them, it’s likely that you are missing a lot of business since those searches receive the first clicks and subsequent phone calls that are currently going to someone else.

It’s compared to having a GPS, we need to develop your map and follow a plan step by step, month to month, working at your keywords, lifting them up.

This is your SEO campaign, we will follow your keywords daily. We can update you and provide a report weekly or monthly. 

If you have no idea about your status, let me run a report on your website, I’ll identify if you already have some low hanging fruit (keywords that are on page 2 or 3) we’ll boost those up first and work on new long tail keywords and Local SEO keywords like “mortgage lenders near me” and “mortgage brokers near me.”

How Does it Work? 

Just provide your website URL and your keywords, we’ll start to track your keywords, make recommendations and identify new ones. We constantly track and monitor the keywords and you will receive a monthly report of your sites progress.

100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. 

You can choose how many keywords you want us to manage for you, from 100 to 5000. 

  • Track 100 keywords – $97
  • Track 500 keywords – $197
  • Track 1000 words – $297
  • Track 2500 keywords – $397
  • Track 5000 keywords – $697

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