PPC Management and Google Adwords

PPC Management (Google Adwords)

We can get you advertising on Google to start generating additional leads for your business. 

We use a proven pre-optimization multi-step process that delivers maximum ROI.  Paid traffic is a powerful strategy to get new leads and business, many companies find it hard to achieve a positive ROI as competition grows each year. Paid traffic requires a great deal of skill and experience, we have a high level of knowledge on this platform. We will avoid common mistakes and set you on a good path to realizing a ROI. 

We conduct a detailed market analysis and keyword check to design your campaign so you beat your competitors in the Google “auction”.

In our second phase of optimization we refine the campaign to make sure we only advertise on qualified traffic. 

We then start AB testing with additional data to laser target the prospects which increases the CTR (click through rate) but lowers CPC (cost per click)

With testing, as time goes by, we accumulate the data needed and determine what keywords we should keep and what to cut out. This optimizes the campaigns performance.

We will find winning ad combinations so testing never stops. We will keep rotating ad copy until the new competitor beats the winner, which means your ads get better. 

Landing Pages 

By using our industry insights we create high converting landing pages to get maximum conversations and more leads at a lower cost. 

You’ll get an expert working on your campaigns. 

You’ll get: weekly reports of everything that we are doing and monthly strategy calls to review performance and strategize scaling efforts. 

Who is this for?

PPC is best used by established businesses that are already making consistent sales, if you aren’t getting sales you should use the organic methods we offer or use some of the free methods to prove your market demand before investing in a PPC campaign, you’ll need to allocate $1,000 for at least 3-12 months in order to get enough data you’ll have to spend that much. 

Schedule a consultation with one of our specialists. 

How Does it Work?

Decide your package and add-ons based on your budget and goals, you’ll grant us access to your Google Ads account or you can create a new account, we design the campaign and perform keyword research, tracking, creating a landing page, create the ad copy, and submit to you for review and approval. We launch the campaigns and document the results we pre-optimize the campaign continually as we scale. 

Pricing starts at $250+ monthly ad spend, $450 monthly management fee plus 1 time setup fee of $400. These come with customized campaign with call-only ads or remarketing plus full campaign management. 

If you want full lead generation, with customized campaigns with options for search, call-only, landing page & implementation , remarketing and full campaign management it’s based on the Monthly ad spend starting at $1000+ ad spend with $700 management plus $450 setup fee. 

Ad spend is paid directly to Google, we only collect the management fee.

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