Press Release Writing and Distribution

Press Release Service

A great way to get the news out about your business or an event and get high quality backlinks.

We will write a professional press release and distribute to over 100+ authority news outlets like NBC, FOX, Star Tribune and many others.

When your press release gets posted to these sites with domain authority numbers in

To Google, you’ve earned some very trustworthy links and this gives you additional social proof and credibility

You can put these logos on your website in the “Featured By” section.

Publishing a press release is a great way to get the news out about your business and get high-quality backlinks. 

We take your business and turn it into a high-quality article called a Press Release.

This article is then distributed through our network of high-quality news outlets. Hundreds of news outlets will pick up the Press Release and publish it to their site, causing you to receive lots of diverse, high quality links from real and authoritative news sites. 

Links like these build trust in your website and brand. Clients are impressed when they read all the interesting press about you.

High Authority Distribution Links

When you start publishing these press releases you receive DA (domain authority) links from 10-90+ and in Google’s eyes you are considered an authority with truth worthy links. 

You can also use these links to dilute your anchor text if you’ve overdone it with your exact match anchors, use this service to diversify your links!

Social Proof

You will also benefit from landing on sites that have lots of authority like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and more. Since you are featured on these sites now, you can create a “featured by” section and display these logos and because you’ll get a huge spreadsheet of links that are live with your article, you can take these and post them wherever you like!

Get featured on hundreds of real news sites now!

How Does it Work?

First tell us what you’d like the Press Release to be about. Provide a subject, keywords, URLS and any special instructions. Next our team of professional writers will write the high-quality article and we’ll distribute it to multiple news wires. 

Within 10 days, you’ll get a report with your links, and you can share the news with your community!

Pricing starts at $197, this is if you already have a press release that you want us to distribute. We will have our professional editor go over your article to make sure it fits the standards needed to submit the release. You’ll get 3 links and 3 keywords or we can focus on linking your homepage to your brand name in the article instead of a keyword. You’ll get a draft for approval before distribution.

You’ll get distribution to over 100+ news outlets, Diverse white-hat links with various domain authority of 10-90+. 

If you are a newer business or not represented online, consider focusing on your branding instead of optimizing or ranking for a keyword. 

If you want us to write the release for you, Pricing starts at $297 for 500 word professionally written  press release with up to 3 links and 3 keywords. You’ll get a draft for review for approval before distribution. We’ll distribute to over 100+ news outlets, Diverse white-hat links with various domain authority of 10-90+.

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