Reputation Management

Reputation Management

93% of consumer are checking reviews these days, customer reviews can make or break your reputation online, unfortunately most people that are motivated to leave a comment or review about you online is more likely going to be complaining about your business or leaving a negative review. 

We help you get positive reviews on ANY site that you choose, and we’l privately handle the negative reviews. 

With a code snippet you can attach to your Facebook page, email signature, thank you page or send in an email, you can collect reviews anywhere! If they rate you positively 4 or 5 stars, they are urged to leave a review for you, if they express negative feelings and they rate 1 to 3, they are urged to send you a message privately to work things out. Now you can handle the issue.

We also have an optional smart code to add to your website if you want to collect reviews directly from your website. 

As we collect all your 4 and 5 star reviews, you should want to display all those awesome positive customer reviews on a page called “Reviews” where we will place our code. Potential customers need to see feedback about you from others.

Every-time you get a review from our code, we’ll get emailed, and we will notify you. 

We help you get reviews on over 50 review sites that mean the most to you like TripAdvisor,, Zillow, Google, Yelp, Facebook, BBB, TrustPilot, Yahoo and many more. 

Since most bad reviews are caused by simple misunderstandings, you can prevent them by using our review system, if the client was going to leave a negative review about you and we send them a form to contact you privately, and you can fix the problem, this keeps the public from seeing the negative review that you’ll have to respond to publicly. 

Lets say for example you’ve been in business for many years and have hundreds or thousands of clients but you’ve not been asking for and collecting reviews, we could upload those customers into a database and begin a short drip email campaign urging them to leave a review that we could implement for you that should yield great results for you. 

Use our service to monitor reviews that are being left about your business online, prompting you to respond accordingly. 

Every month you’ll get a detailed report about your company reviews and the volume and over time as we aggregate reviews and ratings over time, we’ll have reports about individual reviews.

Our service includes auto-posting your positive reviews to your social media audience! This will keep your timeline full of positive vibes about your business and keep people talking about your business. Provide us your Facebook and Twitter accounts and we’ll handle it all for you!

We can handle all of your multiple locations for you, worldwide is fine. 

Use these reviews to boost yourself high over big brands since consumers will read your reviews and consider doing business with you. 

If you’re a local business, you want Google to see your star ratings and places you I the local 3-pack, to set yourself apart from your competitors.

If people search for your brand Knowledge panel comes up on Google and displays your reviews. 

Facebook is now displaying stars, so you want to have reviews there. 

Google is now displaying reviews from critics that may have been buried on other sites, they are now prominent. 

Other directory sites are showing scheme of stars and are ranking so you need to have reviews as a part of your SEO strategy. 

From an SEO standpoint, Google is helping people make buying decisions before they ever hit a website, based on reputation, your customer may make their decision based on reviews they read about your business, or lack of reviews. 

When people see the stars, people click on them, people want to know why do you only have 2 stars? Why do you have 4 or 5 stars?

The industry is saying that Google reviews are now considered a highly influencing correlating ranking factor, if you have more reviews you appear higher in local search.

Case studies show how Google and reviews with links heavily influence search ranking factors.

Build a Reputation System

First we must decide where you want reviews and we suggest that you rank by visibility (what comes up when you search) like your niche, your brand name, your brand name reviews, your brand name autocomplete (what Google suggests) that list is going to be our priority targets. Google, Facebook and your niche specific review directories, so we ned to know which ones rank in your niche. 

Sometimes we forget about our internal teams, this is important as well, sites like Glassdoor or Indeed are featuring reviews about your business that your employees are leaving, so you should consider an internal campaign as well.

Since these new sites are popping up everyday, it’s wise to begin building a system of pushing positive reviews up and protecting your brand like a fortress. 

We can constantly monitor and respond to all positive and negative reviews. 

Since people complain because they are frustrated, make it easy for them to voice their complaints to you directly.

If we’re aggressive about getting the feedback we can quickly assess if the customer is happy or not, if not we should get in front of the negative feedback in advance to solve the problem. 

We Don’t Avoid Negative Feedback, just Negative Reviews

The negative feedback can be great if given to you in a constructive manner because they are giving you the opportunity to improve tour business. 

Having non-perfect ratings makes you look real, and when you respond publicly it can make you look responsible. 

When we keep seeing the same questions we can use the feedback to change operations or SOPs and improve your staff. 

Leave the reviews on your sales page and watch your sales go up!

Fake Reviews Get No Love

Since consumers are weighing heavily on the validity of reviews, penalties for faking positive reviews come with a penalty. Car dealers like these were fined $3.6m by the FTC for their deceptive practices. 

We need to do a service to our customers by giving them real data about your business. This builds a good reputation and keeps you from being punished.

How Does it Work?

First let us know where you’d like us to install the custom widget., we can place it any where you like, your website, thank you page, email footer or you can blast it out to your email list. Then let us know what sites you’d like to get reviews on. Customers can rate you 1 to 5, if they rate 4 or 5, it gets auto posted to social, posted on your website page, and you’re notified. If they rate 1, 2 or 3 they are immediately hit with a form to privately work things out with another message to you. 

Once the positive reviews start showing up on search results this will get you leads, conversions, more calls and visits to your website, we can even install a review carousel on your website to proudly display your reviews you’ve collected. 

Pricing starts at $397 to start and $397/month with $397 set up fee. You’ll get 1 location, we create and install the code or send to you to place it if you prefer. You’ll get widget for your email footer and we’ll prevent negative reviews on over 50 review sites and we’ll collect unlimited reviews for you. The positive reviews will appear on your website wherever you designate. 

If you choose, you can send your Facebook and Twitter, we’ll auto-post these positive reviews on your behalf. 

We monitor reviews and provide alerts to you when you get reviews, every month you can expect to get a detailed status report. 

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