What is Search Marketing, and Why do Mortgage Lenders Need it

What is Search Marketing, and Why do Mortgage Lenders Need it?

What is Search Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is getting your business in front of people when they type in a keyword like “home loan” or “mortgage lender near me.”

Search Marketing is a broader strategy that combines paid search tactics and SEO strategy. If you have a budget for Google or Bing and launch ads, that’s PPC, but when you pay money to boost your site, using on-page optimization specifically means writing and posting proper targeted keyword-rich content.

What does SEO Include?

  • Use selective keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, and alt text.
  • Optimizing your page sites’ load speed
  • Diverse and quality backlink profile
  • Proper Google authorship
  • Social shareability in your content
  • Social bookmarking like Reddit, Quora, or Medium
  • Social media interaction signals
  • Creating blog posts, articles, and optimized page copy.
  • Much more!

Searches are performed mostly on:

  • Voice search
  • Typed search

You want to be found on the various search platforms.

Think about advertising in a newspaper; even if a million people read a newspaper and browsed your ad, they’re not all going to be interested in your ad, but when you pay for leads or get organic leads through our SEO efforts, these people are searching for a professional in their neighborhood to serve their needs.

But as an umbrella, it includes all the ways you can be found online – pay-per-click, re-marketing, contextual ads, media ads, graphic, and video; all of those components play into SEM (search engine marketing)

To perform SEM requires a lot of skill, and you have to know how to conduct the research; you have to know how to look for people who are looking for a home loan or a cash-out since we all don’t say the same things, you need to research to discover all the different ways for people to search for loans and mortgage lenders.

For example, you’re wasting your time showing your ads to veterans unless you make VA loans.

Back in the day, everyone had a media-buyer, who’d buy local advertising for you based on their understanding of you and your business, and now, media buying is not much different – now, instead of calling up the radio or magazine and buying ad space, we go to our Google or Bing ad dashboard and order up our ads, and we learn immediately about the quality of our ad.

Unless you have a lot of experience researching and running PPC ads, you will eventually run out of funds and give up and say that it doesn’t work, but it does; of course, plenty of companies buy ads daily.

Hiring a media buyer was a regular thing because how would you know about putting up an ad on a billboard?

Nowadays, you need someone equally skilled to craft an ad to work specifically in your space based on emulating successful ads before you.

PPC doesn’t need to be a part of your budget forever; you need to have a plan to scale up your organic marketing and scale back on the PPC.

Whenever your pipeline is running low, you can ramp up the PPC; when the pipeline fills up and you need to work through the leads, you slow the PPC down again.

Your office staff and loan originators can only work through so many loans…once your pipeline is full, it makes no sense to overfill the funnel; things will just fall through the cracks!

Your landing page is the most important element. If it’s not effective, whatever your single goal is for your landing page. Generally, it’s to turn that person into a lead by capturing their phone number or email address. It’s easier to get an email address.

Offer to give something in exchange for an email or phone.

Entice them with your ad copy that convinces them that you will be their best option.

As a mortgage lender, you can greatly benefit from inbound calls and direct inquiries from potential borrowers instead of buying leads and making outbound calls to unhappy or shopped phone numbers.

To have a good launch, you should try running a PPC ad campaign to get immediate results to your website or landing page while working on your “long-game” organic content approach. It takes longer to see results from organic marketing, but after you get established in your position on the 1st page of the SERPs due to your SEO and investments in your website, you can regularly work on your rankings to maintain.

The next important thing to consider is the first two pages of search results, more specifically, page 1, since most people are too lazy to check results on page 2 and beyond, securing multiple spots on page 1 with keywords that relate to your business is best SEO practice.

The content on your website should reflect all the markets that you serve.

How do you do this?  Hiring an agency like Lender Success to create a download like “How to Get the Best Mortgage in Today’s Market,” many people will trade your email for a report like this that will surely help them get what they want.

Hire us to set up your landing page, set up your campaign, and we’ll create the high-quality “free downloadable white paper” for you. 

Let us put together a plan to include Local SEO, PPC, and a Landing page that converts.

If you’d like to talk about us managing your PPC ads, contact us here. If you’re ready to get started, get onboarded here.